Narcissism - a psychoepidemic!

"Up is down, war is peace, ignorance is strength". The narcissists state power holders project their own mental character abysses onto the people. That is why economic progress slackens in a narcissistic state.
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Narcissism in the state

Narcissists are especially common among ideologues and demagogues. Just as a narcissistic mother plays your children off against each other, antagonizes them through her manipulation, and thus heats up the competition for your poisoned love, so does the narcissistic head of state incite the population against each other. Financial and mental exploitation are the result. The Narcissistic State does not allow dissenting opinions to flourish, so they censor, brand with Hatespeech, ban opinions and parties, secretly rewrite books, frantically change curricula, conceal expert opinions, distort debt figures, falsify economic statistics, reinterpret negative developments - "Up is Down, War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength". The narcissists state power holders project their own mental character abysses onto the people. This is why economic progress languishes in a narcissistic state. Progress arises from the acceptance of the ACTUAL - from the acceptance of the truth and consequently the change, thus the improvement of the ACTUAL. Narcissists in state power, however, know only theirTruth. Even if certainties in the sciences can change, the certainties of the narcissist NEVER change!

The narcissistic rage

The narcissistic ego collapses when it has to admit a mistake. This mortification is to be avoided. It creates an anger and that is dangerous for you. In a narcissistic state, the rage can be caused by different circumstances, for example...

  • If your colleague's name was not called in the desired volume, intonation, or appropriate context;
  • If your supervisor does not get the gratitude you want;
  • If you as a journalist have hurt "religious feelings";
  • If you have violated the "honor"; 
  • If you call gender mainstreaming a nonsense; 
  • If you declare Unconditional Basic Income to be unworkable;
  • If you refuse to pay taxes;
  • Karl Marx a high-stacker;
  • If you embrace and advocate technological innovation,
  • If you call loyalty, diligence, perseverance, modesty and talent worthwhile virtues;

and more, more, more...

then narcissistic rage hits you with bloody ferocity. Then extermination campaigns are waged. Then you are "right-wing", a "Nazi, a blasphemer, a tolerance-denier, climate-opposer -denier -doubter, liberal - no, worse - neoliberal!, racist, capitalist or alternatively "something(please insert appropriate)"-phobe.

Narcissists are unfree

The victims of narcissism are always the honest, sensitive, loving and therefore unfortunately also vulnerable people. People with a love for the cause, with a zest for life, with a joy of creating, with real creativity. They are people with abilities, with goals, with ideas and the will to change. These are the very people who love freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of words. Narcissists always harm the free spirits. Freethinkers know the value of freedom as the highest good of human existence. This is precisely why these freedom-loving beings allow other individuals great "freedom". These empaths know the importance of free development. They do not allow themselves to be incorporated into the socialist collective. They assume as a matter of course that free spaces regulate themselves. If this freedom of movement meets a narcissist, he must destroy you. Because narcissists are the opposite of free - narcissists are limited, impotent, lifeless, merciless and unfeeling.


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