Narcissism - a psychoepidemic!

"Up is down, war is peace, ignorance is strength". The narcissists state power holders project their own mental character abysses onto the people. That is why economic progress slackens in a narcissistic state.
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Narcissistic adolescents know about all the duties of the employer, school and college - Your own duties, however, they always interpret to your advantage. Often, especially with narcissistic adolescents, nothing is more important than respect, but only respect towards yourself - What you expect from your environment, however, is nothing but submission and the unconditional acceptance of your own antisocial behavior. No one is more disrespectful than the narcissist!

Envy and lies

Narcissists always see an abyss, an underhandedness, an injustice in the success of companies or people, be it Donald Trump, the alternative media, a happy family, or even the well-groomed guy with the new SUV in the house across the street. The envy and the lie are Diecentralcharacter traits of the narcissist. You cannot grasp that a person is simply more industrious, more talented, or smarter. That would prove your own intellectual inadequacy. This is because narcissists are intellectually inflexible. Narcissists seek and need simple worldviews. More often than not, these worldviews are of such incredible stupidity and primitiveness that it leaves the reflective, empathic person stunned. 

Standstill instead of progress

A narcissist is not concerned with the cause, e.g. reducing unemployment, conserving resources, peaceful and tolerant coexistence or animal love. Narcissists in business and politics achieve exactly the opposite of what they pretend to intend. Bringing people together? - You divide society with your dogmatics. Where you want to save the environment, you destroy it by your ideological stupidity. A few hundred thousand birds are gladly shredded for a stupid energy turnaround. The cognitive limitation, this narcissistic complete stupidity prevents research from taking place where it is really needed, e.g. for the improvement of grain harvests, more economical use of genetic technologies, rain forests, new materials, waste avoidance, robot technology, etc. or even just a new school system. Investments do not flow into lucrative, profitable, future-oriented channels but into politically correct bullshit, ideologically and politically corrupted nonsense. Let's take e-mobility as an example, an economic stillborn, a technology cannibalism - which will let our society slide straight into the Middle Ages. How much more sensibly could this billions in misdirected investment money work if narcissistic eco-disciples could finally let go of your ego-electric delusion. Alone - your pathological narcissism won't let you.

Stupid and childish

Narcissists have always existed and the modern narcissist is also an energy vampire. What is new is only the epidemic frequency of these time eaters and energy robbers. A 2 hour discussion about the housing shortage in Berlin will drain you, because the narcissist is not ready to accept basic economic relationships. He will ridicule your arguments, question your competence and finally defame your appearance. He cannot possibly agree with you, because this narcissist has long ago established a world view from which he can no longer depart. In your childish understanding narcissists always know exactly what is good - and what is evil. Because their worldview is small and simple, they are convinced that they have an all-encompassing understanding of the world. This belief in turn makes the narcissist megalomaniac. Narcissists are only concerned with themselves and their ego, which they have built up and inflated through stupid and absurd thought models of others, famous people of course. Behind this ego is nothing, a psychomummy - The narcissist has no self, no ideas of his own and no soul of his own.

A truly heartfelt, empathetic animal lover enjoys interacting with animals, goes horseback riding, has pet carps, plays with dogs - even learns from animals. Truly spiritual religious leaders do not call for bombing terror, they call, if anything, for love, respect and humanity and exemplify these principles.


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