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WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution in the world and perfectly integrated with WordPress - the most used content management system in the world. That's exactly why this store system is the best choice especially for small to medium sized stores. This does not mean that you can also realize large stores with WooCommerce, quite the opposite. See also my FAQ. and And although WooCommerce is a so-called freemium plugin, i.e. the basic version is free and integrates elementary eCommerce functions into your website. When your needs increase, paid extensions so called plugins can be used to add the desired functions.

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WordPress and WooCommerce for online stores

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WooCommerce in the German market

WooCommerce was originally programmed for the American market and can therefore not be used in the standard version legally secure in Germany. I configure for you and with you the necessary changes and adjustments. Remedy here are special plugins or the legal text providers. So it should be looked at major legal changes (such as the DSGVO) especially whether WooCommerce or other extensions will make adjustments here. Furthermore, I can create your personal WooCommerce store as B2B or B2C (or both).


10 Frequently Asked Questions about an Online Store with WordPress and WooCommerce 

WordPress has revolutionized the ease of creating online projects. WooCommerce is just as easy to use in large parts. This also saves costs - both for the initial installation of a store and for the maintenance and training of your staff. I have been implementing WooCommerce stores for many years and can help your project succeed

B2B and B2C

The e-commerce world is divided into B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) e-commerce. In B2C e-commerce, the customer is an end consumer; in B2B e-commerce, the customer is usually a commercial business. Are you looking for a wholesale solution for your e-commerce? Then you have come to the right place.


There are several ways to realize B2B functions. Two of the most popular extensions is B2B for WooCommerce or the B2B-German Market solution specifically for the German market It is the most comprehensive, but also the most expensive plugin in the German-speaking area. With this software you can sell to B2B and B2C (Business to Customer) at the same time. With individual prices for different customers, VAT ID check at registration, graduated prices, extended discounts and some more functions.

CMS basis

WordPress with PHP as programming language and MySql (or MariaDB) are the technical backbone for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free (open source) e-commerce store system for WordPress installations. The plugin turns a WordPress blog into a fully featured online store. The advantages ofWooCommerce are mainly simplicity and versatility. WooCommerce is technically only the basis for a store.

Soon 4 million stores

In 2015, WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, the company behind, and gradually integrated into the WordPress economy. Today, over 3.3 million websites use the popular WordPress plugin, according to BuiltWith. In addition, there are numerous connections for WooCommerce to external accounting systems, POS systems and warehouse management systems, such as Lexoffice, Billbee or Sevdesk.

It is possible to map almost all existing business models with WooCommerce such as:

  • Physical products (e.g. jeans trousers or self-made soap)
  • digital or digitalisable products as download (e.g. own music pieces or short stories)
  • Admission tickets and tickets (e.g. for amusement parks, seminars or trade fairs)
  • protected member areas (e.g. for video trainings or PodCasts)
  • on top of that external products (e.g. like affiliate from amazon).

Open source

WooCommerce is open source software. Thus, there are no additional license costs for the core functionality. However, the question is whether you can also realize extensive online sales with the help of the free WordPress extension. That means more products in the online assortment and more orders per time unit? As a WooCommerce specialist, I can clearly answer these questions in the affirmative. WooCommerce is designed to easily manage large amounts of data. The extension plugin Custom Products Tables plugin offers additional possibilities. It optimizes the database tables for MySQL servers, which significantly increases the performance of a webshop.

Clarify costs

Without knowing the details, the cost and time required to create and then run a WooCommerce store are impossible to estimate. This depends on numerous factors, e.g.:

  • Does a technical infrastructure already exist (domain, web hosting or third party systems for accounting, shipping or customer management) or does this still need to be built up.
  • How many and what types of products are sold through the shop
    Visitor volume per day, month and peak times - this is especially important for hosting.
  • What technical and other knowledge is already available? Can the product range be distributed via standard sales processes, or are special solutions needed for personalized goods or industry-specific peculiarities. Can prefabricated themes for WooCommerce be used, or is a completely independent and distinctive shop design desired?

More points 

Who is responsible for the product installation?

  • Are product texts and images already available, or do they need to be adapted or newly created?
    Is a data import from other systems necessary?
    Who is responsible for online marketing and search engine optimisation?
  • Which social media channels are used?
    Who is responsible for online law and data protection? Depending on the industry but also the target countries, quite considerable resources are necessary for this, otherwise warnings and fines threaten.
WooCommerce supports PayPal, direct debit, common credit card payments and purchase on account. Additionally, there is the possibility of integrating the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Then there are the plugins to the payment service providers Stripe, Amazon Pay and Klarna, with which a store can be expanded as needed. 
WooCommerce supports all known shipping providers on the German market. Most of them offer corresponding integration options in the form of plugins. In addition, external shipping interface providers have existed for some time. They offer a uniform interface (RESTful API) to all relevant shipping service providers in Germany. 

All-rounder wanted

You don't need a star programmer, you rather need an all-rounder who brings a strategic perspective, communication skills and WordPress-Woocommerce know-how. Also the ability to understand and design their business processes on different levels of abstraction.

Do not underestimate

Good knowledge in office communication, basics in image and video editing are also very helpful. Since the visualization in an online shop is probably the most important function. The operation of an online shop is therefore by no means trivial. It requires technical knowledge as well as know-how in the areas of online law, logistics, online marketing, user-friendliness, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), measuring success via Google Analytics & Co, distribution in social networks as well as content marketing. The last point means the promotion of your products with high-quality texts, blog posts and newsletters.

Permanent project

Consider the operation of a WooCommerce online store as a permanent project, a task that never ends. There are always service providers to manage, innovations to initiate, develop and test, the product portfolio to maintain, prices to adjust, content to revise, budgets to plan, campaigns to initiate and optimize, and contact with suppliers, customers and internal stakeholders to remain. This is a mammoth organizational task that leaves little room for operations.

Website availability is the time during which a website or web service is accessible to users in a given period of time. Although 100% uptime is the goal, in IT circles, 99.999% uptime is considered high availability. Every website experiences planned and unplanned downtime.

Every website provider wants to keep availability as high as possible - not without justification against the background of the competitive strength of the Internet. Decisive for the availability of an online store is the choice of a powerful provider. There are providers who specialize in the operation of WordPress stores and offer the appropriate service. Since a WooCommerce store generates a lot of dynamic content and requests that cannot be cached, a correspondingly strong server performance is required.

Depending on the size and popularity of your store, during peak shopping hours there may be tens of thousands of visitors on the store page at the same time, searching for products, filtering items by different product categories, filling their shopping carts, and making purchases. Selecting a suitable deployment architecture with a prepared development and test environment also helps to increase resilience. Suitable backup and recovery tools are also extremely important. This is because they can be used to get a store up and running again if necessary.

Side not possible

The maintenance of the basic content (master data, images, product descriptions) of the shop should not be underestimated. Say goodbye to the idea of running the shop "on the side". A good online shop system requires care, customer orientation and expertise. Good category descriptions and a small blog can contribute to personalization and enhance the shop.

Schedule initial installation

For small and new shops, which are initially operated by one or a few employees, the time factor is crucial at the beginning. Because especially in the start-up period, one is less concerned with the orders and shipping, but more with the initial creation of the article master and the preparation of the associated media such as images, videos or data sheets. 

Product maintenance required

The creation of products is the main task of product maintenance. When you set up a product, you enter all master data into the online shop. In addition to the product name, characteristics such as size and weight, and the sales price, you need to create particularly detailed product descriptions. Since the customer of your online shop is not able to check the product sensorially and habtically or to look at it more closely, you should go into detail about all characteristics, functions and specialties.

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