Digitalization determines change and speed in the business world

Digitization as change using the example of records

Changes through digitalisation are possible Digitalisation is changing the framework conditions for companies and employees. Technology is developing faster and less predictably than before. Companies that do not continuously keep pace risk going out of business. To the same extent, the demands on employees are changing beyond the actual technical knowledge. New job profiles and professions are emerging. Instinct and [...]

The Rise of China to Number 1 in the World

Almost indescribable what China has achieved in only 30 years. with the "sword in the scabbard"... Officially, China is still presented as the number 2 in terms of economic power. But the reality has long been different. China is undoubtedly number 1 in the world and will probably remain so for decades to come. The protagonists [...]

The Facebook currency Libra questioned

Rubik's cube next to smartphone

I suspect, however, that the Facebook Company will try to leverage this market mechanism through market agreements and cooperatism. According to the motto...

Technology hostility

Remember also that it is the technicians who make true democracy possible. Albert Einstein, German physicist 1879 - 1955

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