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IT service packages and WordPress maintenance contracts for your website

Toolbox Maintenance Contract WordPress

I will take care of the following maintenance tasks for you:

  • Import of main updates after consultation with you
  • Updating all plugins and extensions on the site (including paid ones)
  • error checking and correction
  • Regular backups to secure your site

Modern websites are always also the target of security attacks, DoD attempts. I regularly check as part of a maintenance contract whether your website or your WooCommerce store, the target of such attacks and take appropriate countermeasures.

Do you need to change your page content or add new content such as text and images in a timely manner? If you wish, I can take care of this for you within the framework of fixed service agreements.

A really good website is accessible at all times and relentlessly provides information about your condition. Correcting errors and recognising errors are two different things. Good monitoring allows timely intervention in case of malfunctions. I use reliable monitoring tools to monitor your website.


Just let me take care of your WordPress site or your WooCommerce store permanently. I am your web professional and you can devote yourself to your actual business. Within the framework of an individual maintenance contract, I take over the regular technical and, if desired, also the content maintenance of your project. So you can concentrate on your core business and are still professionally represented on the web.

Maintenance contracts from private shareholder?
The costs - In a nutshell

Advise - Support - Secure

The cost of a maintenance contract depends on the work involved. In the case of a maintenance contract, I charge a market-standard hourly rate - regardless of whether design, conceptual or technical work needs to be done on the website. Updates, backups and reasonable updates due to technical development will be carried out by myself and I will inform you afterwards. For work that goes beyond the agreed maintenance package, I will inform you in advance and then invoice the effort separately.

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