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For in-house training, I tailor the seminar program individually to your company and your requirements. I take into account the level of knowledge of the participants, create didactic curricula and, if necessary, also address current projects. My in-house training courses are supplemented by suitable handouts, documents and sample literature, which I am also happy to provide digitally.

for Web Design, WEB-BackEnd, Office and IT topics

I am a trained computer science didactician. In computer science, the goal is to use formalized knowledge to derive new knowledge using computer science systems. I can guarantee the professional quality of my courses as an IT lecturer through my own regular further training.

My didactic training, which I completed specifically for computer science and my diverse professional experience as a seminar leader in IT, allow me to convey not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. It distinguishes me as an IT trainer that I can convey my extensive knowledge with patience and expertise. As a freelancer, I offer you competence at fair conditions, in the entire German-speaking area.


In-house trainings are intensive trainings with a high practical relevance and illustrative examples.

Before each seminar, you simply agree the contents with me by phone. During the training, I will immediately respond to the participants' wishes and questions. And what can be answered during the seminar clarified I will follow up.

On request, each participant receives coordinated training documents in paper and digital form. The documents are created with practical examples in an understandable form and with many visualizations. Depending on the topic, the explanations can be implemented directly using sample files and the techniques learned can be consolidated with the help of exercises at the end of the chapters.

You like? 

Then I look forward to your request for an in-house or online training. 

Areas of expertise and focus

Subject didactics and computer science

Image 4000 Seminar hours


The areas of a web application that are close to the server or run in the background. Everything around databases and server-side logic.

  • Installation of the professional working environment, XAMPP, or similar;
  • PHP MyAdmin Admin interface MySQL configuration, database connectivity, manage user permissions;
  • Create, delete, modify databases and tables Add, delete, modify records via the MyAdmin interface;
  • Digression MySQL data types;
  • Simple SQL queries with conditions;
  • Import and export data and databases;
  • User management in MyAdmin and Backup;
  • PHP and HTML: Output of data to the browser, syntax, comments, error reporting;
  • Forms (HTML) with data transfer via POST and GET;
  • Fields function associative;
  • Control structures: Loops, functions and procedures, error handling;
  • String processing (strchr, strpos, substr, strcmp, etc.);
  • Functions: Definition, parameters, return values, scopes, inclusion with include and require;
  • Time functions;
  • File functions (readfile, file_get_contents, file_put_contents, etc.);
  • Transaction control with sessions (session_start, session_name, session_destroy, etc.);
  • common distributions, GPL, Apple's OS/X;
  • Installation process, Logical Volume Manager;
  • various package managers, homebrew;
  • File management, mounting of resources;
  • Insight into shell possibilities, BASH, ZSH, common commands;
  • Rights matrix in Linux/Unix Octal notation;
  • Superuser use and possibilities;
  • Profile files;
  • Getting started with shell scripting;


The confident use of MS Office. An absolute necessity for a large number of jobs today.

  • Workbooks and worksheet; Relative and absolute addressing IF and VERWEIS function;
  • Create and format diagrams;
  • Columns Insert, Delete, Copy and Column Width;
  • Number formatting: Thousand separator, Decimal places; Label, Custom formatting;
  • Cell formatting:; border, color, conditional formatting;
  • Sorting, filtering and evaluating lists; defining print areas, controlled label repetition in headers and footers;
  • Time advantage through the use of ShortCuts;
  • Helpful functions in the Office everyday life: IF, OR, AND, SVERWEIS, INDEX... Text operation, Boolean functions;
  • Cell protection, workbook protection or file protection; AutoFilter, SpecialFilter; Pivot tables;
  • Useful functions for; list management/analysis; images and expert diagrams, sparklines;
  • Conditional formatting in detail; links between; tables, to Word and to PowerPoint;
  • Macro processing; the group mode; partial result calculation
  • Use and customize views; capture text, highlight;
  • Navigation pane, cut, copy and paste text;
  • Graphics and tables - also e.g. from Excel to Word;
  • Positioning of graphics with automatic text reflow;
  • Spell check; hyphenation; text formatting, also with style sheets;
  • Paragraph formatting Indentations, tabs, and automatic numbering;
  • Layout design with tables;
  • Page margins, headers and footers, page numbering, document templates
  • Faster with short cuts;
  • Set headings using style sheets, create outline numbering, table of contents, index;
  • Form letters, labels, envelopes and single letters; section change, layout change and column set;
  • Headers and footers for professionals; quick modules for texts, table function and graphics;
  • Automate work with field functions;
  • Document editing in Workgroup; embedding forms and controls; graphics as backgrounds, borders, and shading;
  • Tables and diagrams Schematic drawings, graphics to illustrate the process models and organizational structures;
  • If required: DIN 5008, business letter and private correspondence.


With almost 60 % market share among the known Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress is more important than any other WEB technology.

  • Create, manage posts, comments and pages;
  • Theme management and selection and change;
  • Visual Composer or Gutenberg Editor;
  • Tools and file for administration tasks (test environment, FTP, htaccess, wpconfig, etc.);
  • Permalinks Meaning;
  • Useful plugins installation and update service;
  • Basics of SEO;
  • Speed Optimization;
  • Insight database structure with PHP-MyAdmin;
  • Multisite installations;
  • Basics of HTML and CSS;
  • HTML source code, nesting, page structure;
  • CSS Basics: External, embedded, inline style sheets, color values;
  • HTML semantics, folder structures, block elements vs. inline elements;
  • Import graphics, embed multimedia objects;
  • Create hyperlinks with/on anchors, block elements and graphics;
  • Create lists, sorted, unsorted and nested;
  • Create tables, organize, cell connection, table header;
  • Introduction to form creation Input fields, check boxes, method post/get, selection fields, preselection with selected;
  • WEB standards, code validation;
  • Text design with CSS;
  • Layout design with flexboxes, grids, classic and new boxmodel;
  • Selectors, classes/pseudo-classes, elements/pseudo-elements;
  • Concatenation, combinators and specificities;
  • Use more interactive elements for form design;
  • MathML for the integration of mathematical text content;
  • HTML elements defined areas with area;
  • Embed remote objects and iframe, embed;
  • Media Types and Media Queries;
  • CSS3 frameworks, alternatives to Bootstrap;

Elementor Pagebuilder

  • Basic structure, widgets, keyboard shortcuts and responsive mode;
  • Options in the Navigator
  • Full-Width - Canwas - Boxed Layout Settings
  • Button - Settings
  • Anchor menus
  • Coming Soon Page - Maintenance Mode
  • Conditions for pages (different headers on pages)
  • Popups
  • Place elements in a column next to each other so called inline

ToolSet developer package for WordPress;

  • Blocks: Content display in the frontend;
  • CRED: dynamic forms;
  • Views: structured output of information;
  • Custom Post Types and Templates;
  • Access: Access control and management of user-defined roles
  • Maps: for visualization of data on Google or Azure map 

Seminar enquiry

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daily from 9:00 until 18:00

70619 Stuttgart


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