In-house training

For in-house training, I tailor the seminar program individually to your company and your requirements. I take into account the participants' level of knowledge, create didactic curricula and, if necessary, also address current projects. My in-house training courses are supplemented by suitable handouts, documents and sample literature, which I am also happy to provide digitally.

In-house trainings are intensive trainings with a high practical relevance and illustrative examples.

Before each seminar, you simply agree the contents with me by phone. During the training, I will immediately respond to the participants' wishes and questions. And what can be answered during the seminar clarified I will follow up.

On request, each participant receives coordinated training documents in paper and digital form. The documents are created with practical examples in an understandable form and with many visualizations. Depending on the topic, the explanations can be implemented directly using sample files and the techniques learned can be consolidated with the help of exercises at the end of the chapters.

You like? 

Then I look forward to your request for an in-house or online training. 
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Seminar enquiry

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daily from 9:00 until 18:00

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