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Individual implementation and training concepts by private shareholder. Spatially Flexible

You are looking for training on a specific topic in a timely manner and a public training does not sufficiently cover your specific requirements? There are not enough people, budget or free dates available for an in-house training? Maybe your team is located in different places - e.g. in a home office? In this case, we can help you with remote training via online video transmission. On the specially prepared Jitsi training server of Privataktionär.


Online training with the quality of personal training and spatially unbound from private shareholder.

You are spatially independent. People can take part in the training from their home office, for example. An online course or seminar can be scheduled at relatively short notice. The training can take place in significantly shorter time units (from 2h). Depending on your requirements, I can implement a training course partly as a seminar (frontal) and partly as a workshop (mixed form online and face-to-face training). The number of participants does not affect the cost. Of course, I will take into account your individual requirements.

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Then I look forward to your request for an in-house or online training. 

Frequently asked questions about online training (FAQ's)

You send me a request. Together we will agree on the date, number of participants, scope, agenda and technical implementation.

We conduct a technical test together and ensure that online software, equipment, audio quality and internet speed are sufficient. The training only takes place when the implementation can be carried out in adequate quality.

You will receive the same training materials as in a face-to-face seminar and, if necessary, a corresponding follow-up. If required, the training can also be recorded in a video podcast. And is then available to you for later use.

In the case of training courses lasting several days with a maximum of 4 hours per day, homework is helpful and useful for deepening the content.

You can acquire the knowledge you need in a timely manner. Your training budget is less burdened and can be spread over several dates. You and your colleagues will not be absent from productive work for as long during the training. You determine the environment in which you participate in the training.

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