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I am a business information scientist and a trained Eurex exchange trader. At the beginning of my teaching career, I offered seminars and workshops on futures trading (options and futures) for private individuals. The domain name "" emerged from this time. Over the years, my field of activity has changed towards web design and IT seminars. Since I was already known under the domain name, I kept this name.

A simple individual website can already be realized for a few 100 € while highly specialized B2B store systems can easily require up to the 6-digit euro range. So how do you now know what cost range your project idea is in? Well. there are a few general types of websites that I can only briefly touch on here. In increasing order, you will also immediately see the complexity of the requirements and cost range for each type.


With a blog, you regularly publish new articles on your topic. Your subscribers will be informed on request when a publication. WordPress is a blog system by design and allows easy implementation
Complexity: easy

Your Private Theme Website

You have no commercial interest and want to create, for example, only a manageable overview, about a few pictures you have painted or a few poems you have written. Again, WordPress has many advantages due to its ease of learning
Complexity: easy

Business website

 Professional appearance is absolutely necessary here, because the business website will be the first point of contact with your company for many of your business partners. Visitors are potential customers and need to be convinced of your performance and competence. The advantage of WordPess here is its modular extensibility. Thus, even more demanding requirements can be implemented with manageable effort.
Complexity: medium


You want to sell your services online? The right choice of store platform is crucial here, because not all store architectures always meet the necessary criteria. In addition to the basic functions (payment methods, shipping options, etc.), a legally compliant appearance is essential. WordPress offers the possibility to create extremely different stores with WooCommerce. But also the Canadian service provider Shopify. Offers an excellent solution for implementing simple to highly complex online stores.
Complexity: medium to high

Member or subscription pages

There are several types of access: E.g. Starting with a simple password access. In the next version, each visitor has his own login area. It gets complicated when logged in users have to pay for exclusive content (e.g. video courses) or membership. This can be a one-time payment or a subscription model.
Complexity: medium to high

Web application

These are websites such as flight booking portals, customer comparison portals, reservation systems for public resources or similar. Web applications usually require a high level of analysis and programming. You think that sounds expensive, well - it is!
Complexity: very high


A generally valid statement is not possible here, but with the list that I have shown you above, you can already estimate where your project journey goes.
Shopify is more transparent here compared to WordPress. The costs are manageable and can be allocated well. You will hardly have to pay more than 50€ monthly. Shopify can increase in price a bit. This mostly depends on the number of products and the apps used, which can significantly increase the range of functions. As a rule, the prices here range between 30 and 300€ per month. The entry is considerably faster and there are already good solutions for many typical store requirements. However, Shopify also requires a fair amount of expert knowledge for professional use.

If you want to work with a CMS like WordPress, you can start with a cheap hosting and a domain for about 5€ per month. Professional and powerful server environments can cost up to 1000€ and more. In between everything is possible. From development to the use of paid plugins are here no limits to the top. Because WordPress offers compared to Shopify offers a lot of customization options. Especially with WordPress it will be worthwhile to learn a good basic knowledge e.g. in a seminar, provided you are interested in the topic anyway. An Internet agency will take your project requirements according to your wishes and implement. Depending on the scope of the project, the costs can range from 1500€ to 6 figures.

No standard solutions

The same applies to the creation of a web application. Since there are no standard solutions for this, a project can easily run into the six-figure range. Specialised knowledge is the be-all and end-all here.
A cost and time factor that should not be underestimated is in any case the effort required to create texts, graphics, logos, icons, photos, etc. for the website or your shop products.


I have long-standing contacts with very good WordPress programmers, graphic designers, logo designers, video producers and online marketing specialists. Therefore it is possible for me to handle even extensive projects. 

Offer and contractual

Usually, in an initial discussion, I record the requirements and scope of functions for your project and prepare your quotation on this basis. When the order is placed, a 30% deposit on the total project sum is then required. For larger projects, I agree fixed acceptance dates for defined project sections with you in advance, which are then invoiced after joint acceptance. Upon completion of the project, the entire remaining sum is due. In all other respects, of course, my General Terms and Conditionsapply.

Individual daily rates

The daily rate of an online seminar for beginners can be carried out well below 1000€ while an individual expert seminar for 10 participants can take several 1000€. Why is that? First of all, it depends on which seminar format is chosen, e.g. online, face-to-face or individual training. From my point of view, besides the format, the subject matter is also crucial for success and most likely this success will vary from person to person.

Online or presence?

While online seminars do not involve travel and accommodation costs, the maximum number of participants tends to be less than 5. Face-to-face seminars require either the participants or the instructor to travel to the location, but can be conducted with a maximum of 10 participants. Individual training can be carried out both online and in person, but depending on the topic, presence may be required because certain parameters can only be discussed on site. In general, online training is more tiring and faster than face-to-face training, since the attention area is always reduced to screen size.

External agencies and web designers have advantages, but there are also good reasons for managing and developing a website on your own.

The following points speak for an agency that creates your website:

Sufficient manpower in the agency
an agency usually has many years of experience
a proven approach to project management
and also contact persons at software houses

Would you prefer to do the web design yourself? 

There are also good reasons for this. E.g. your good industry knowledge or
your excellent product and assortment knowledge of web stores.


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