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The demands on modern websites are high. Your visitors expect an appealing design, understandable organization, informative content and short loading times. And of course, the website must also be prepared for smartphones, tablets, search engines and social networks. Web design, WordPress, WordPress training and WordPress theme customization, Private Shareholder helps you to fulfill these tasks.

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My competences in web development for the realization of your ideas

Your website is for your customers. Design and usability are elementary. The simpler, the better! Well thought-out menu navigation, clear structures and clarity make the site a pleasant stay for your visitors.

Custom web app

Individual web applications are systems that can be called up and used as usual via an internet browser. Independent of the manufacturer, the web application is automatically available on all (also mobile) end devices. I create powerful web systems for you that are tailored to your requirements. 

The realization of a website requires skill and experience. The interaction of the individual components must be well tuned like in an orchestra. Therefore, I always design and program according to the latest requirements, in order to be able to expand or rebuild your website if necessary.
Everyone is ordering on the net! In recent years, sales increased across all categories of goods and also the frequency of purchases increased again. With the help of WooCommerce I will extend your WordPress-based website to a full-fledged online store functions. The system is suitable for small and medium stores and is amazingly powerful. 
In the development of your individual screen design, I coordinate very specifically with your company's specifications in terms of public impact, uniform appearance and target group. The widespread use of smartphones, tablets and notebooks means that your website is accessed via different devices. This is exactly what I take into account. 
No system is an island. I integrate your existing systems into your new project. A good interface always runs through and finishes correctly.
I offer you the possibility to have your WordPress and WooCommerce site permanently maintained by me. Within the framework of a maintenance contract, I take over the regular technical and, if necessary, content updates of your project.

Quality by Design

A quality in WordPress design is expressed in a future-oriented implementation. Moreover, your project needs honest scheduling, helpful user instruction, aftercare and documentation. Missing translations leave an unprofessional impression. Mobile devices have conquered the market and are a defining access medium. Fast call-up times are another essential factor in implementation. A good web presence is like a Stradivarius, quality whose effect improves over time.

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