Narcissism - a psychoepidemic!

"Up is down, war is peace, ignorance is strength". The narcissists state power holders project their own mental character abysses onto the people. That is why economic progress slackens in a narcissistic state.
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The great enemy of freedom and progress

Narcissists are not egoists, nothing could be more wrong. An egoist recognizes his advantage and uses it in his favor. A narcissist, on the other hand, takes a granted advantage for granted, as a minimum of what he can demand. Even more, his demands go far beyond a granted advantage. The narcissist wants more, more, and much, much more. But it will never be enough. For narcissists are limitless. They respect no boundaries in interpersonal interactions, they know no bounds in their anger and destructive power when a slight ignites their narcissistic rage.

Tyrant and charisma

I'm not writing here about the little self-centered, infantile traits that everyone carries and occasionally acts out. It is about deeply pathological, destructive and yet charismatic individuals. For the narcissist does not initially reveal himself to be a psychopathic monster. Because that's exactly what he is. On the contrary, they will be thrilled by your new boss, the handsome up-and-coming politician - who finally tells "them up there" what they think, or that sympathetic actress with the fundraising campaign for refugee children. The narcissistic toolbox of manipulation consists of flattery and idealization alternating with devaluation and contempt. Very skillfully he also uses obfuscation techniques, lies and threats. He also has in his repertoire targeted border crossings in interpersonal relationships - the boundaries are slowly but constantly undermined - insidious intrigues through love triangles and psychological destabilization through harmful refusal to communicate (hoovering and ghosting). The narcissistic influence is masterfully completed by his compliant helpers, who do not know that they are only being used by the narcissist. They are downright proud or feel morally obligated to serve the narcissistic bully.


Narcissists indifferently slap your fair trade backpack in your face on the train. They hum their eco-e-bikes on the sidewalk at 60 km/h and insist on more 30-mph zones in the inner cities. On the side, you call for saving the world's climate. That's why, at your insistence, the company cafeteria should abandon the preparation of meat meals. Narcissists interrupt you at department meetings, insult you in front of colleagues, defame your presentation or refuse to greet you or shake your hand. The narcissist obtains academic titles, manipulates invoices at the office or forges your signature and steals from your customers. In all of this, the narcissist will blame YOU for their anti-social behavior. It's called Gaslightning and believe me, the narcissist is innocent - Always! No alternative! Because guilt means fault and the narcissist is faultless!


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