TikTok by Bytedance

From the online magazine Meedia: Tiktok inventor Bytedance: How the company behind the hyped teen app wants to shake up the tech world. This won't be the last big high-tech deal China makes.

The Facebook - Flash crash because of arrogance and censorship?

Head of Michelangelo's David with dew glasses

Only about 3 years and IBM slipped into serious difficulties caused by arrogance, ignorance and customer annoyance. Local networks, PC software, decentralized data storage, the IBM systems did not keep up with the rapid technological development, the customers were annoyed by the arrogant price and licensing policy.

Malware - What is it?

PAC-Man on wooden wall graffiti

This sounds threatening - and it is! A virus specifically infects certain files, after their activation by the user, the virus multiplies and unfolds. 

The (N)EURO the NOT means of payment

Prohibition sign with crossed out Euro sign.

A Spanish friend of mine told me a common phrase of his countrymen: "Hecha la ley hecho la trampa" which means: "for every law there is a loophole".

Gold, silver - precious metals as crisis currency

3 gold bars and 3 silver bars stacked on a desk.

Statistically speaking, central banks are buying slightly less precious metals this year than they did the year before, but they are still investing in the precious metals. In 2014, 148.2 tonnes of gold were purchased, compared to 448 tonnes in 2012.

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