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WordPress for Developers Basics

There is a huge developer community, excellent documentation and very good tools that allow WordPress to be reinvented with or without programming effort, for all conceivable purposes.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for WordPress for web developers

After discussing some prerequisites and tips and tricks in the training, you will be introduced to the basic concepts of WordPress. During the seminar, we develop a first small plugin and look at how to create and insert a widget in different places. Depending on your requirements, the training will focus either on plugins or on themes that are more focused on the layout of a page. In the further training, it is useful to familiarise oneself with the WordPress database. Participants learn how to use built-in WordPress functions to obtain or process database information. We will also look at some developer tools. With suitable developer tools, the programming effort can be reduced and still obtain professional results.

  • Create themes, work with child themes;
  • Database structure of WordPress and WooCommerce;
  • The Loop: Display of pages and posts;
  • Taxonomies;
  • Conditional queries;
  • Create menus;
  • Security with WordPress Nonces;
  • Form design;
  • User-defined fields;
  • Authorisation control;
  • Import and export functions;
  • Time-controlled tasks through cron jobs;
  • Basic structure, widgets, keyboard shortcuts and responsive mode;
  • Options in the Navigator;
  • Full-Width - Canwas - Boxed Layout Settings;
  • Button - Settings;
  • Anchor menus;
  • Coming Soon Page - Maintenance Mode;
  • Display conditions for pages (e.g. different headers on pages) ;
  • Event-driven pop-ups;
  • Place elements in a column next to each other, so-called inlines;
  • ToolSet as a developer package for WordPress;
  • Integration of ToolSet in Elementor;
  • Blocks: Content display in the frontend;
  • CRED: dynamic forms;
  • Views: structured output of information;
  • Custom Post Types and Templates;
  • Access: Access control and management of user-defined roles;
  • Maps: to visualise data on Google or Azure Map;
  • Professional database queries with graphical presentation;
  • other topics in consultation with the seminar leader;

At least 4 days

Recommended 5 days

Advanced WordPress users, online editors, web developers, web designers and anyone who wants to plan and build a website with WordPress. You should have knowledge of the WordPress system structure and already have practical experience with WordPress as an administrator or blogger. A WordPress beginners' seminar is recommended.

Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for WordPress for web developers

Training.Internet.Coding Urs Scheufele

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