Elementor Pro Pagebuilder for WordPress Web Design

Elementor Pro Pagebuilder for WordPress Web Design Seminar 

Elementor Pro PageBuilder enables professional layout creation in the world's most popular content management system without having to resort to the regular WordPress editor and source code.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer Elementor Pro Pagebuilder for WordPress web design

If you want to make professional websites graphically attractive, with useful effects, layout tricks, typographic features and helpful user-friendly navigation elements, then you need Elementor for WordPress. With this homepage builder, you can implement attractive screen designs without any programming knowledge and also create your own WordPress themes if needed. The design options of Elementor are very extensive and have reached a complex level. As a result, questions and ambiguities about individual operations in this page builder often arise not only for beginners, even advanced users occasionally reach this point. The training content and focus can be determined in the seminar and, if necessary, directly applied to specific examples in professional practice.

WordPress themes

  • Installing, activating and configuring Elementor Pro in the WordPress backend
  • Landing page with Elementor
  • Website and blog with Elementor
  • Create and revise theme files
  • Design Essentials from Elementor in Typography, Layout and Colours
  • Elementor Pro server, database and WordPress requirements
  • Elementor Price and Licensing Model
  • Elementor Templates Kits, Design Widgets
  • Theme Builder, Form Builder, Popup Builder
  • Website creation with Elementor Pro incl. home page, header, footer,
  • Navigation, Blog, Posts, 404 Page, Shop Pages
  • General preferences for user rights, posts, colours and typography
  • Presets design content widths, widget spacing, stretched pages (full size page) breakpoints.
  • Layout and design techniques: vertical and horizontal alignment, section divisions
  • Custom Attributes and CSS, Input Animations, Margins, Background Images, Preview, Responsive Settings, Breakpoint Control
  • Create reusable templates and copy designs
  • Maintenance Mode Template (Coming Soon Page)
  • Integration of forms, captcha, social, MailChimp, TypeKit web fonts or Google Fonts
  • Use of helpful AddOns from Elementor

Elementor and WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce Widgets by Elementor PageBuilder for Online Stores with WordPress
  • Create product pages
  • Customize CheckOut pages, "My account", etc.
  • Customize your online store with Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Speed optimization
  • Google Ads Integration

At least 2 days

Recommended 3 to 4 days

Online editors, administrators, aspiring web designers, bloggers and anyone who wants to design WordPress websites professionally with Elementor Pro. You should have basic knowledge and first experience with WordPress as an administrator or blogger.

Your trainer

Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer SEO for WordPress & WooCommerce

Training.Internet.Coding Urs Scheufele

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