Create WooCommerce online stores with WordPress

Seminar WooCommerce Create Online Stores with WordPress

The PageBuilder enables professional layout creation in the world's most popular content management system without having to resort to the regular WordPress editor and source code. Learn in this Woocommerce course the daily work for a professional operation of your online store.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for WooCommerce Create online stores with WordPress

If you want to digitize your own business model, you have found a fast, cost-friendly and effective option with WooCommerce. WooCommerce for WordPress is an ECommerce system with which classic webshops, specialized B2B stores, e.g. for dropshipping or even sales-optimized sales funnels can be built. WordPress already has many things that have to be implemented laboriously in considerably more complex systems. Through the WooCommerce plugin, which is used worldwide, stores can be configured in a customer-friendly way, customized to one's own needs and individually controlled depending on the customer relationship. With the extensions WooCommerce Germanized or German Market, legally compliant stores can be adapted for the German market and products can be marketed in a legally compliant manner.

  • Install WooCommerce
  • Create a webshop with WooCommerce
  • Find & configure a suitable shop theme
  • Create and configure digital, virtual or real products
  • Edit product images and product preview images appropriately, place them in the media library and assign them
  • Optimize WordPress for WooCommerce through caching and compression
  • Create products, process orders, integrate shipping and logistics
  • Select and use payment methods and payment service providers
  • Make WooCommerce settings for VAT, shipping, payments, SKU and PayPal
  • Configure email notifications
  • Create reports with WooCommerce Analytics
  • Configure German Market or Germanized for WooCommerce
  • Installation and use of statistics for visitor evaluation Statify, Jetpack, Google Analytics
  • Install and configure the extensions of Slack, Mailchimp, DHL for WooCommerce.
  • Import and export data from accounting or merchandise management systems
  • Legally compliant webshop in Germany
  • DPMA, trade mark law and copyright
  • SEO search engine optimisation for shop operators
  • Marketing via social media
  • Internet ads on Google and Facebook

At least 2 days

Recommended 3 days

Store owners, web developers, web designers and all who want to plan and build an online store with WordPress. You should have knowledge of the WordPress system structure and already have practical experience with WordPress as an administrator or blogger. Recommended is a WordPress - beginners seminar.

Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for WooCommerce Creating Online Shops with WordPress
Training.Internet.Coding Urs Scheufele

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