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Word 365 Basics

The Word 365 word processor offers sufficient functionality even for extended written work. Even while writing, the text is checked for possible errors. Design features such as font or text alignment can be changed easily and conveniently. And even professional application areas can be successfully realised with a little knowledge.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for Word 365 Basics

In selected seminar exercises, my seminar participants learn how to use many basic functions of Word. For example, from entering text to saving documents and printing. In the further course of the seminar, the participants learn, for example, format templates, design the page layout, insert illustrations and tables and create a form letter. The training content and focus can be determined in the seminar and, if necessary, directly applied to concrete examples in professional practice.

  • Format characters, paragraphs and pages
  • Save time with designs and templates
  • Insert tables, figures, headers/footers, page numbers and symbols
  • More specialised tasks such as column typesetting, mail merge, tables of contents, look-ups
  • Use and customize views; capture text, highlight;
  • Navigation pane, cut, copy and paste text;
  • Graphics and tables - also e.g. from Excel to Word;
  • Positioning of graphics with automatic text reflow;
  • Spell check; hyphenation; text formatting, also with style sheets;
  • Paragraph formatting Indentations, tabs, and automatic numbering;
  • Layout design with tables;
  • Page margins, headers and footers, page numbering, document templates
  • Print, share, protect and restore documents
  • Customise Word
  • Using the Word Browser App (Word online)

At least 2 days

Recommended 3 days

Business people, technicians, professionals and private individuals who want to systematically get started with Word 365. All those who already have experience with information technologies and want to expand their knowledge.

Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for Excel Word Basics

Training.Internet.Coding Urs Scheufele

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