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Excel 365 Excel for Advanced Users

The spreadsheet Excel offers sufficient functionality even for sophisticated business calculations. Use names and conditional formatting, work with database functions and the special filter, carry out complex evaluations by using pivot tables and matrices, etc.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for Excel 365 Advanced

In selected seminar exercises, seminar participants learn how to analyse their data quickly and professionally and present it in graphically visualised form. In the seminar, I explain the required advanced Excel techniques in an easy-to-understand manner and use concrete practical examples with many visualisations. The training content and focus can be determined in the seminar and, if necessary, directly applied to concrete examples in professional practice.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for Excel 365 Advanced Users
  • Insert names
  • Structure tables
  • Use individual conditional formatting
  • Combine and consolidate data
  • Create and customise complex pivot tables
  • Analyse data (e.g. with special filter,
  • Trend analyses, data tables, target value search, solver,
  • Scenario manager and matrices) Visualise data professionally with diagrams and illustrations
  • Importing data (e.g. with Power Query) or exporting data
  • Structure tables
  • Link formatting to conditions
  • Monitor formulas and cell contents automatically
  • Special filter
  • Create Excel databases
  • Combine and consolidate data
  • Create pivot tables and adjust pivot tables
  • Take advantage of the time advantage by using ShortCuts;
  • Helpful functions in everyday Excell life:IF, OR, AND, REFERENCE, INDEX... Text operation, Boolean functions;
  • Cell protection, workbook protection or file protection; AutoFilter, SpecialFilter; 
  • Useful functions for; list management/analysis; images and
  • Expert diagrams, sparklines;
  • Conditional formatting in detail; links between; tables, to Word and to PowerPoint;
  • Macro processing; the group mode; partial result calculation
  • Trend analyses, data tables, target value search
  • Solver in Excel
  • Scenarios
  • Matrices
  • Use and format different chart types
  • Working professionally with diagrams
  • Design tables with illustrations
  • Import or export data
  • Creating queries with Power Query
  • Working in a team

At least 2 days

Recommended 3 - 4 days

Business people, technicians, professionals and private individuals who want to start using Excel professionally. All those who already have experience with information technologies and want to expand their knowledge.

Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and instructor for Excel 365 Advanced

Training.Internet.Coding Urs Scheufele

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