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Word 365 Advanced

The Word 365 word processor offers sufficient functionality even for extended written work. Even while writing, the text is checked for possible errors. Design features such as font or text alignment can be changed easily and conveniently. And even professional application areas can be successfully realised with a little knowledge.
Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for Word 365 Advanced

In this seminar Word 365 for advanced users, I will go into depth thematically. From creating your own templates and designs to calculating in tables, including creating forms. I will also explain innovative techniques and workflows, such as online collaboration on documents or automation with macros, in equal detail and in a practical manner. The training content and focus can be determined in the seminar and, if necessary, directly transferred to concrete examples in professional practice.

  • Designs, format and document templates
  • Advanced search and replace
  • Handling large documents
  • Outlines, sections, references and indexes
  • Tables and lists
  • Images, SmartArt graphics and diagrams
  • Fields and forms
  • Working in a team
  • Customise and automate Word
  • Customise designs
  • Use style sheets
  • Use document templates
  • Search, replace and translate
  • Outlines
  • Tips for processing large documents
  • References
  • Directories
  • Layout design
  • Graphics
  • SmartArt graphics
  • Insert diagrams, tables, objects
  • Fields
  • Forms
  • Teamwork
  • Customise and automate Word
  • Work faster with useful short cuts;
  • Set headings using style sheets, outline numbering,
  • Create table of contents, index;
    Additional options for serial letters, labels, envelopes and
  • Individual letters;
  • Section change, layout change and column set;
  • Headers and footers for professionals; quick modules for texts, table function
  • and graphics;
  • Automate work with field functions;
  • Document editing in Workgroup; embedding forms and controls; graphics as backgrounds, borders, and shading;
  • Tables and diagrams Schematic drawings, graphics to illustrate the process models and organizational structures;
  • If required: DIN 5008, business letter and private correspondence.

At least 2 days

Recommended 3 days

Business people, technicians, professionals and private individuals who want to systematically expand their knowledge of Word 365. All those who have already gained experience with Word 365 and want to expand their knowledge.

Urs Scheufele: Seminar leader and lecturer for Word Advanced

Training.Internet.Coding Urs Scheufele

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