Services of my trainings and seminars

IT training, seminars and courses with Urs Scheufele as IT lecturer


Individual didactic preparations for your needs. Either focused on the specific application or interdisciplinary.


Pedagogical methodological competence applied in a targeted manner.

Consideration of the pedagogical dual function of IT topics, i.e. technical, practical and business knowledge transfer


Individualized seminar documents in PDF format or print format, content coordinated with you.


Regular review of results and summary of seminar content.

Learning success by alternating between repetition, practice, application or control.

On request, I can prepare written examinations, seminar examinations or your individual performance examinations.

Teaching content

Adapting teaching content to your recommendations, existing curricula and other challenging teaching concepts.

Structured change of methods in the course.


Structured and meaningful change of methods during each course.

Application of professional representation schemes e.g. and-or trees, graphs, semantic networks, rules, flow charts.