Slider in WordPress

where occasionally already quite unstable spaghetti code can slip under the keyboard, the Smart Slider is extraordinarily...

Slider in WordPress

Smart Slider 3 my recommendation for a first class tool

Smart Slider 3 is currently available in version 3.4 and is developed and maintained by Nextend. Nextend Web develop extensions and web designer tools for both the WordPress CMS and Joomla. Available are a free version with limited functionality and a pro version. For smaller projects, the Free version may be sufficient. For larger projects I recommend the Pro version in any case. I don't get any commission from Nexttend, I'm just sharing my good experiences here. The Pro version has an impressive feature set that could be overwhelming for beginners in WEB design, that's why Smart Slider can also be used in standard mode and an expert mode. Smart Slider 3 requires runs from WordPress 4.6 and your provider should provide you with PHP version 5.6.20. I have tested SmartSlider 3 with the latest PHP version 7.x and running on production environments. I recommend at least 128 MB memory. Now what are the 3 reasons that make me write this recommendation here:

First class range of functions 

The range of functions and design leaves nothing to be desired. I have the impression that the developers have implemented the extensive design possibilities of CSS in Smart Slider 3. Lightbox effects, layer animations (Z-Indexes), header techniques, taxonomies, full page width, external fonts, hoovers, etc. - Nothing is really missing. Responsive design support is impeccable and lets check it already in the development stage. WooCommerce support is also already integrated and Smart Slider 3's optimal speed design plays a crucial role in store systems. 

Outstanding stability

Compared to other plugins in the WordPress world, where occasionally quite unstable spaghetti code can slip under your keyboard, Smart Slider is exceptionally stable. Of all the features I've used, I haven't noticed any function or setting that works incorrectly or erratically. I also haven't encountered any incompatibilities with other WordPress plugins in my work. 

Fair licensing attractive price-performance ratio

The prices are as follows:

$35 for a single WordPress domain;

$150 (with VAT) for Business Edition with support for up to 10 domains;

250 $ (with VAT) for the unlimited installation quantity which is of course aimed at WEB developers and WEB designers.


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