Relaunch of the website Privataktionaer

Really a lot of brilliant and stunning images. Then still for example the stock tickers, a few sliders and Hoover.
Old aluminium microphone on illuminated stage

New Page in Town

Welcome to my freshly baked website. More color, more green, more gold. The new design is all about computer science, WordPress design and financial markets. The blog about these topics will be in a central position on the front page. Also, there are a handful of "nice to have" effects in this design. Really a lot of ingenious and breathtaking images. Then for example the stock ticker, a few sliders and hoovers. Of course, everything now also in SSL encryption. Bit.Tube and VK are the new social media profiles. There will also be a lot of exciting information to find in the future. 

Unfortunately, the site is no pleasure with old browsers and lame internet connections. But since most users nowadays are equipped with flat rate and latest devices, this problem will not weigh too heavily.

All that's left for me to say is.
Have fun with the new site.
Check back regularly.


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How blockchain technology works

At BitMinter alone, one of the oldest mining companies on the net, the average computer speed is currently around 3,700 terahash per second.

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