EBook Rhetoric for Computer Scientists

Professional through rhetoric, communication and body language

In the EBook you will learn everything about rhetorical analysis, manipulation techniques and management techniques. In the EBook you will find methods and techniques that I have put together specifically for IT managers, project leaders and highly qualified IT specialists. Body language, dress codes and much more are over 130 pages explained. With practical examples for self-study and autodidactic training. 

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Topics in the EBook 


The processes and requirements for highly qualified IT professionals are currently changing enormously: on the one hand, innovation cycles in information technology are becoming shorter and shorter, digitalisation is striving to reach all areas of life and thus the dependence on IT systems is increasing. But the expectations of agencies, specialised companies and freelancers in terms of professional communication are also increasing on the part of clients. People who correct technical gaps in their knowledge in a flash with Google, ask about the weather online or watch relaxed "How To" videos also expect computer scientists to be friendly, understandable and as focused as possible.

What is needed is a professional demeanour, de-escalation in difficult situations and smooth service, preferably around the clock. But what opportunities are there to take your communication skills to the next level as an IT specialist? What are the advantages of being well-prepared in rhetoric for IT specialists? You will find answers to these questions and many more in my free rhetoric book "Rhetorik für Informatiker".


  • the 4 pillars of successful communication for IT professionals
  • The most important building blocks of a successful speech
  • The 15 most common manipulation techniques in communication
  • How you as a computer scientist can interpret the body language of your conversation partner
  • how to behave professionally in the technical user hotline
  • how to successfully pass employee appraisals as an IT manager
  • and how to use technical terms competently as an IT specialist


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